Print Specifications

Quick File Setup

  • Files must be at least 300 dpi resolution
  • For rich black please use C:50% / M:40% / Y:40% / K:100%
  • CMYK Color Mode : If you do not send us CMYK artwork we will convert your files to CMYK and "color shifting" may occur!
  • Artwork should not contain any crop marks!
  • Keep anything you do not want cutoff at least 0.250" away from all edges
  • File name must NOT contain spaces, commas, or any special characters. (ie: ! @ # $ % & * ( ) : ; ' { } / " , ~)

Detailed File Setup

Here is a general example of how to layout a flyer with the appropriate amount of bleed. Please follow these instructions for any size flyer.

Artwork must have 0.125" for bleed and 0.125" for safety on all sides.

We can not guarantee any print job cuts without the bleed.

good card example

General File Preparation per Graphic Program:

  1. Resolution should be set for 300 dpi and mode to CMYK.
  2. Save files as "JPEG" or "TIFF" with Maximum quality.
Adobe Illustrator
  1. In Illustrator "Select All" and go to the "Type" menu selection and "Create Outlines". All text within files must be converted to outlines with the outline set to zero to eliminate the need for fonts.
  2. Save file as Illustrator EPS with placed images included.
  3. Open Illustrator EPS file into Photoshop.
    In Photoshop set resolution to 300 dpi and mode to CMYK.
  4. Save files as "JPEG" or "TIFF" with Maximum quality.